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The new dawn blooms as we free it

For there is always light,

if only we’re brave enough to see it.

If only we’re brave enough to be it.

So concluded Amanda Gorman as she bowed to the audience’s tumultuous response gathered in front of the Capitol, the afternoon of President Biden’s inauguration. Everyone was deeply glad to be American, devoid of divisions, if only for those moments in the sun.

Yet, Something had caught fire and would not be extinguished: powerful, resplendent, omnipresent, it released a common vision tinged with joy. It felt like a spearhead for change, perhaps similar to the one relished by our Founding Fathers.

Perhaps it was the new dawn blooms, the light—energy critical for growth; with it, comes responsibility, discipline, and honesty, hard-won virtues that enervate sloth’s hold upon our unconscious and jettison us from this never-ending shade inherent within our centuries-old history.

However our near future evolves, we can return to this vision of light with its empowerment for change and remember. Many, perhaps, will discover their God, within, and be amazed.

We come from God and we return to God.

This truth resonates within the bedrock of my psyche, as well as within the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic scriptures; each glimpses the mystery of creation and orients us toward wisdom in which we discover our true identity: Precious God breathes within us, until our final exhalation.

In many, that orientation was obliterated during Wednesday’s desacration of the U. S. Capitol. In its place, obsessive hatred was king for those dark hours, its aftermath still bleeding among foreign capitols around the world. The crisis continues… 

We continue praying …

O Root of Jesse, standing as a sign among the peoples;

before you kings will shut their mouths,

to you the nations will make their prayer:

Come and deliver us, and delay no longer.

The third O Antiphon, December 19, 2020, addresses the promised Messiah as Root of Jesse, an image found in Isaiah 11: 1 and 10, and repeated in the prophet Jeremiah.

This O Antiphon begins with the rich metaphor: Root of Jesse that evidences the Holy’s intervention in human history. Jesse, pious farmer and breeder of sheep outside of Bethlehem, fathered David (1000 BCE), who became the second King of ancient Israel, founder of the Judean dynasty, statesman, warrior, musician, poet, author of the Psalms, and egregious sinner before his conversion of heart.

David’s total reliance upon Yahweh moved his people toward a new identity, only to disintegrate within moral lassitude following the opulent reign of his son Solomon. Still, the Israelites needed a Messiah who would liberate them; white-hot, their longing.

Then followed centuries of valiant leaders, all related to Jesse, with intermittent periods of peace and prosperity. Somewhere, veiled in the past, an unknown artist, seized by this succession of worthy leaders, imaged this phenomenon as the Tree of Life from which the Messiah would emerge.

Such must have also inspired the composer of this Antiphon. Reflection upon this composite would become a trenchant symbol/sign among peoples, kings, and nations (pagans). Here was power no one would mess with. Yet again, humankind has fallen short.   

Thus the continuing cry: Come and deliver us, and delay no longer.

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