My work as a hospice chaplain presented opportunities to receive life reviews from patients before they transitioned to the next life. A new sense of God reigned in their hearts as they awaited their last breath. Such patients became my life teachers.

My task upon retiring was to begin my own life review. The memoir Elizabeth – learning to dress myself from the inside out (2012) emerged first. Enmeshment with an alcoholic mother dominated my life until embracing Alcoholics Anonymous and learning to take full responsibility for my life. That entailed forgiveness and radical change.

My second memoir, Limping Along – following the dark face of God into the Light (2015) looked at my fifty-three-year history with rheumatoid arthritis and the strange fruits of having been faithful.

This arduous task has freed me to share what I have learned and to explore the challenges remaining in my life, always with an open mind and heart.