Have you ever been startled by a different voice spinning long tales from bits and pieces of your past, from shards of archetypal myths?  Have you been strongly consoled upon awakening? Perhaps jostled by decision-making, by problem solving, by the searing truth of our humanness with its mortality?

What is this voice? From whence does it come? How consciously cultivate it, to heed its directives, especially since it seems to know us so intimately.

Fortunately for us, C. G. Jung, (1875 – 1961), the Swiss psychiatrist, has caught this voice, teeming from both the personal and collective unconscious, and recorded it in the twenty volumes of his Collective Works. Central to these studies is the process of individuation – a dangerous engagement with the unconscious that confronts our false selves, conveniently masked by denial. A painful stripping follows, then the release of pent-up energies and clear vision. This process, once underway, continues until the death of the body.

This blog, Heart-Whisperings, centers around this process. It is precisely this Voice that wants us to thrive, to become authentic carriers of its truth mirroring our humanness with all its glories, stratagems, and darkness.

A follower of this Voice since 1988, a process supported by Ellen Sheire, Jungian analyst, I urge others, if called, to respond to this discipline. There is none more significant – a direct preparation for the life to come.