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I am glad—Still more to be gleaned from my study window this morning:

The finest mist freezes, midair, and saturates the plank fence across the backyard; it decomposes the twiggy circumference of the empty sparrow’s nest, from the summer, lodged among branches of the snowflake verbena. A few of its monkish leaves still clings as if grieving the loss of the chick’s family.

Beneath the shrub, the crystal droplet swells from the tip of a fallen leaf, its indecision like a toddler’s first steps: there is security in holding on.

Sudden movement in the corner of the yard distracts me. A mature squirrel, its pelt blending with the trunk of the London plane tree, pauses, then scrambles to a higher limb and disappears. Below, snow swirls pattern the bleached grass with feathery fingers. More melting islands of what looks likes snow creates rivulets across the pavers of my patio and slinks into the muddy corners, across more spent leaves. The ground appears juicy, its remote preparation for spring, in the making. The softest of breezes seems to slumber this world, dormant with life.

Prayer easily follows sloshing around in play boots stamped with ladybugs.

the rush of a toddler’s hug

the overcoat of the autumnal sun

the throb of a lover’s heartbeat


the explosion of blackberry sweetness

the piquancy of herbal tea

the mellowness of creamed corn


the aroma of baking bread

the musk from spring rains

the bouquet of yellow roses


the tinkling of wind chimes

the shouts of scarlet peonies

the snapping of burning logs


the glistening of spider webs

the luminescent of Saturn

the quickening of rainbows


Such gifts are all around us. By savoring them, we open our dark places for new seeding and thrive!





From outside my study window in February –






to full flowering in April –






We give thanks and wonder about our own blooming!

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