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Proper infants don’t fuss.

Manly boys don’t cry.

Sweet girls don’t compete.

Spastic children don’t belong.

Cleavaged-women don’t care.

Helmeted cyclists don’t stop.

Jocks don’t flinch.

Tattooed don’t fit in.

Prostitutes don’t anguish.

Gymnasts don’t sweat.

Accomplished women don’t get fat.

Mother-in-laws don’t understand.

Widows don’t dance.

CFOs don’t play with the numbers.

Presidents don’t obfuscate.

IT Techis don’t live beyond their paradigms.

Sheeples don’t protest.

Prelates don’t sin.

Privileged don’t pay.

Super Stars don’t suffer.

Monarchs don’t pee/poop.

Useless eaters don’t compute.

Blacks don’t apply.

Homeless just don’t.

The list goes on and on … Perhaps you have your own “Don’ts?” I certainly have – to my embarrassment.

Such harsh judgments shred others to their core, releasing fetid energies into the universe, fueling even more damaging projections upon people, places, and things. Denial and rationalization keep this stinking condition under wraps.

From whence do such disorders come? Perhaps laced in our mother’s breast milk, internalized around dinner tables or on playgrounds? Within classrooms or Sunday services or entertainment venues or social networking? Or wherever – even in the air breathe …

How excoriate such prejudices from contaminating others? How delve into this morass of unconscious fears infecting one generation after another? As dark as this disorder appears, there is a way out. But it takes work, adopting the paraphernalia and stance of warriors. Staying awake is critical, together with tending one’s boundaries. Humbly accepting our negative projections is a start, followed by recourse to Spirit’s laser-touch. Slowly, we learn to walk more freely among the society of our fellows. Our energy is different and we are glad.

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