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Life is like a bend in the road, each turn challenging our mettle: from learning to suckle at the breast to inhaling our last breath.

It’s arduous work living within the approach of the bend, not fully knowing, but still trudging ahead. Met with welcomes and rejections, with health and sickness, with creative work and drudgery, wounds scrape encrusted barnacles from our dishonesty. We learn about humility, and serving others becomes more important than living within self-imposed limits. We learn that we are not God.

To our amazement, decades of life pass. Resilience orchestrates a lightshow upon these accomplished risk-takers who developed their full birthright. Such live within our midst and fill us with gladness, despite their slow footfalls and vintage clothing from another age.

For them, the bend in the road has become nearly full circle; their joy, deep as they make their life review, embroidered by multiple life-turns. Their transition toward the last turn follows, a cinch. 

At 6 A.M., I awoke with this dream:

It is night. I am with an animated group of seniors who intend to work on their life reviews in a large well-lighted room with tables and chairs.

The dream story begins at night, always symbolic of endings, closure, especially of life. Within darkness, change inevitability occurs.

I do not recognize the animated group of seniors who I’ve joined, but I appreciate their willingnessto engage in this endeavor. On a deeper level, however, perhaps they mirror the health of my psyche, still engaged in my life review that began with my 2001 retirement from hospice. Self-publishing two memoirs in 2012 and 2015 was its tangible start.

Since then, ongoing Twelve-Step work has kept me abreast of current slips and need for amends, mostly to myself for the snare of fear based-obsessive thinking. As an example, last night’s email about my credit card distraught me until its fraudulence was determined. 

But my Dreamer seems to be asking more—perhaps deeper prayer to recall my dreams upon awaking, to scrutinize practices of acceptance, responsibility, forgiveness, and love. True, my Heartwhisperings blogs have brought to light some of the dark recesses of my psyche where more of my flawed character hangs out, still unbeknownst to me.

My ongoing life review spirits each gift of twenty-four hours: Within them, lies psychic transformation, impossible to attain on my own.

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