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Someone is stirring a toxic soup, teeming with geo-political war games, media manipulation, social engineering, militarized police, racial tensions, entertainment frenzy, and food and weather modification. With each crisis, the stirring becomes more frenetic.

Within this stinking cauldron whirl the wary and unwary; the former piqued by angst; the latter, by cumulative self-betrayals and moral darkness.

What’s going on?

Horrific times, admittedly.

We are not alone in this rot-riot. Others have tasted it before us.

One Hebrew widow, her people under siege, had yelled, “Creator of the waters, give me a beguiling tongue to wound and kill those who have formed such cruel designs against your covenant.”

Her name was Judith and her foe, Holofernes, the Assyrian general of Nebuchadnezzar, tyrant and self-styled god. Oral tradition carried her story until it was recorded at the end of the second century, BCE, in Palestine.

Similarly empowered, we can chop off heads of monstrous fears, within and without, that would suck us dry. It just takes practice.


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