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At 3 A.M., I woke with this consoling dream:

It’s early spring, moist, fresh greening everywhere. I’m healthy, tanned, and stand tall, soft winds teasing my short white hair. I decide to shop for a new outfit to honor the season and step inside a Women’s Boutique. Inside, most of the clothing is made of the same wide striped light green and white fabric, billowy in texture. I’m thrilled. The barrette on the matching hat also draws customers’ interest. I’m delighted by my selection of the dress and hat.

Another glimpse into my psyche shows more healing of my femininity, one that is pure gift from Higher Power, despite periodic episodes of grief.

My inner child giggled with this morning’s dream:

 I happened upon a field of plump blueberries ripening in the sun.

 So lets talk about blueberries.

Blueberries, known to have the highest antioxidant capacity (flavonoids) of all the popular fruits and vegetables; blueberries, folded within many pastries and breads for delectable munchies; blueberries, stewed for jams and jellies; blueberries enjoyed upon unsweetened yogurt—the list could go on, and does.

Blueberries also block free radicals from compromising our immune systems, counter memory loss, enhance heart and digestion functions, and minimize arthritis.

So the image of blueberries mirrors my Dreamer’s total nurturance and protection; it counters nasty eruptions with the grace of living, breath by breath, with terminal illness. Still another day passes, this one, sweetened by plump blueberries that still linger in my psyche.




“Great food is our passion. Sharing it with you is our pleasure.”

Such is the philosophy of the founder of The Daily Bread Bakery and Café, expressed on its website. A locally owned family business for several decades with an ever-changing menu, it presents delectable foods in tantalizing forms. For instance, July’s Annual Blueberry Festival features an array of blueberry concoctions: pies, strudel, cream cheeses, bagel packs, scones, Danish, tarts, and breakfast breads.

A visit to this St. Louis County café validates this philosophy in spades. Once inside the glass door, a vortex of energy engages you. Patrons of all ages and background spill over the simple blonde tables and chairs and booths siding the café, its walls adored with ingredients used in cooking. The cheerful wait-staff, some of high school age wearing black T-shirts with the logo, add to this ambiance. Behind the counter, another team assembles the soups, salads, sandwiches, and oven-bake the pizza orders requested by the hungry.

A sense of deep color and care invigorate those who frequent this special place, in some respects likened to what used to happen in church, at least for me. Another example of how Precious God has become anonymous to feed us.

Such exquisite feeding is found in the prophet, Isaiah 25: 6 – 7 – “On this mountain, Yahweh Sabaoth will prepare for all peoples a banquet of rich food, a banquet of fine wines, of food rich and juicy …”





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