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“Do you accept birthday presents before your birthday?” asked the hospice nurse, her voice filled with smiles behind her mask. I warmed beneath her compassionate gaze as she sat opposite me at my dining room table for my check-up. She tittered as she withdrew a small gift from her bag and handed it to me.

“Such a surprise,” I said unwinding the silver tie around the cellophane, trying to make out its content—Something thumbnail size and yellow. Then, I shook it onto the table and fingered the Seed of Happiness in my hand: its disarming smile touched me. Curious, I thought, then heard the story of this simple product, handcrafted and distributed from The Smile Factory, near by. Since its 2007 inception, phenomenal growth of this bauble has occurred, worldwide. Its secret: their recipients, heartened by the reminder, are urged to send them to others, also struggling with life.

The more I reflected upon the dynamics of my Seed of Happiness, the more I was reminded of Alcoholics Anonymous and Step Twelve: …tried to carry this message to those who suffer …  

this message is none other than Higher Power’s unconditional love for all of us. To become such carriers requires disciplining our self-centeredness and cultivating regard for the needs of others. So, whether we’re sending a Seed of Happiness to a sufferer or listening to another’s story of addiction, the similarity exists.

Higher Power has many disguises, including the Seed of Happiness…

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