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It was not just lunch, but a colorwheel of nutrition: varied greens of steamed kale, asparagus, and zucchini, orange of carrot slices, brushed gold of chicken patty, white of sliced apples with rosy skins, and buttered seeds-and-grain-toast, served upon a Botanical Garden dinner plate.

What caught my eye, though, were the zucchini slices, each patterned with small flower-like seeds filling three distinct segments—Such uniformity spoke of the hidden hand of Creator God, also empowering other hands—growers, pickers, processors, truckers, handlers filling bins at super markets, those of my personal shopper Linda and my caregiver Sharon—to provide this nutritious lunch for my waning heath.

Such ruminations stem from my continued study of Mary Oliver. In her poem Sometimes, she writes:

Instructions for living life://Pay attention./Be astonished./Tell about it. 

Because this daily imperative impresses itself upon me, the Heartwhisperings blogs continue. This is not of my doing, I assure you.


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