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Drizzle hiccoughs through lowering clouds that resemble circus elephants at play.

Occasional splats on my slicker intrude upon the stillness and quicken my breathing. Languid breezes muss my hair, and my nose twitches with smells of musk. Alive to the freshness around me, I pause.

A solitary crow caws, as it flaps its wings against the leaden sky and soars to the upper reaches of an evergreen. Ahead of me, the slick asphalt road snakes around the bend, lined with a grove of yellow bamboo. Heaps of luminous leaves by the curb, their stems upended, smack of exhausted gymnasts after a tournament. A few whole acorns, unlike others crunched by passing cars, draw the toe of my sandal.

I resume walking, slowly—So much to take in—In the distance looms a mustard- yellow maple; from its brown-to-black-divided trunk articulate mothering branches that offer more inspiration, more protection—Droplets hug shriveled leaves of shrubs—A calico cat darts for cover in a nearby yard—Glistening jack-o-lanterns grin from front porches, and spent chrysanthemums brown and list sideways in gardens.

In every cell of my being subtle rhythms resonate: within them, I surrender, anew, to the multiple changes occurring within and around me. I give thanks.





Sun pierces racing clouds, casting phantoms on the seascape.

Brace Rock, resembling a dusky pachyderm, snoozes in the morning heat, its humps whitened by decades of excrement.

Upon them strut crowds of gulls, honking into the fly-space above them.

Others pump their wings

catch columns of wind

glide in somersaults and pinwheels.

Like cobra helicopters, twin ravens pan the boulder-strewn shore.

Surf-bubbles frolic among sandpipers and skitter around brackish seaweed teeming with mosquitoes.

Nearby, splashy quilts of wild grasses and sumac enliven bronzed rocks.

A solitary honey bee suns upon the breast of a goldenrod spear.

A rare Monarch butterfly collapses its circus wings and alights on the tip of purple loose strife.

A cobalt sky smiles upon this riotous foreplay.

Time hangs suspended upon boney and gossamer wings.

Within this jeweled kaleidoscope, an unseen power reveals her Soul.

photo credit: rogiro via photo pin cc

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