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Saturated earth stretches, turns cartwheels. Gold crocuses strut their stuff.

Green-fire sizzles beneath stubbled lawns.

Thorny lilac buds split their seams in laughter.

Velvety moss creeps along creek bottoms.

Worrisome ants zoom across patios.

Swollen-breasted robins preen in the sun.

Bird-trills jostle pre-dawn stillness.

Winds nudge recalcitrant leaves from pin oaks.

March sun toasts bare arms on swings and jungle jims.

Strollers gentle their little ones.


Around us and within us, greening plummets ahead. There’s no stopping Her.





Winterlight is like a calico stalking the bands of darkness. Winterlight is like a city pigeon hovering over cathedral spires. Winterlight is like a solitary cardinal preening atop a plank fence.

Winterlight is like the sapphire mantel of a nurturing mother. Winterlight is like the warming blanket toasting a surgery patient. Winterlight is like brittle chocolate smarting the palate.

Winterlight is like a warrior gentling over ice-strewn riverbanks. Winterlight is like a grandfather’s joshing with a gummy-faced toddler. Winterlight is like the hesitant first kiss of lovers.

Its strange beauty inflames spirit …




Within hush of darkness reverberate light-tones of mirth.

Within womb of darkness stretch hungry roots.

Within cocoon of darkness weave night-dreams.

Within spirals of darkness twist fragments of daytime living.

Within cacophony of darkness emerge fresh insights.

Within terror of darkness foment cataclysmic changes.

Within warmth of darkness soften estranged hearts.

Within shadows of darkness bristle life-forms.


Within darkness, itself, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, …full of grace and truth.” John 1: 14


Merry Christmas to you and to all you hold dear in your heart!




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