At 4:10 A. M., I awoke with this peaceful dream:

Deep peace permeates the entire universe, a living peace activated by decisions made by groups of women. No wars exist. No conflict of any dimension is tolerated. Beauty abounds, evidence of the Sacred Feminine. 

In Jungian psychology, this dream, a big one, originates from the collective unconscious. For some time after awakening, I savored its peace: It felt like crystalline gossamer webs, like the sheerest of patterned silks from the Orient, like winter’s peach-blues-white-skies at sunset.

Then, the peace disintegrated, and I felt the usual limits of my old body. Before I returned to sleep, I recorded the dream.

Lest anyone think that I have arrived, several hours later I awoke with another dream story in which I had slipped into my lethargy, indecisiveness, and lack of focus: the many faces of grief that roll around in my psyche like a bag of marbles inside a string bag.

Do know that the Dreamer can use anyone to transmit a big dream. It’s all for our learning.