At 3:30 A. M., I awoke with this affirming dream:

Inside a mirrored practice room, I watch a large number of black girls, ranging in age from two to about thirteen years old, wearing black leotards and tights, and working with their teachers. A gentle spirit pervades the room.

This harmonious glimpse into my psyche affirms present self-care practices as I continue moving through my end time. The mirrored practice room suggests a significant venue for learning, with multiple mirrors reflecting mistakes for correction, as well as mastery of new routines for affirmation. I liken this venue to the feedback I receive from my circle of helpers attentive to my needs as my functioning diminishes, ever so slowly.

The dream’s black girls, symbolic of youthfulness, focus, and commitment speak to my willingness to learn each day’s limits and to participate in whatever evolves, through the practice of the Twelve Steps of Chronic Pain Anonymous. The mastery of new skills, in the face of diminishment, speak to my reliance upon Higher Power, the Master Teacher.  

The influence of the gentle spirit speaks to this Presence, continually at work in my psyche. Too long have I lived in the half-light of Life. With my days limited, I seek new willingness to spirit my steps in accord with cues streaming from my psyche; this requires deep listening and obedience of the heart.