If you look closely, you’ll notice a cypress sapling growing within the fork of a city maple tree, the summer’s anomaly that caught the attention of a dear friend while walking her dog. Because she wanted larger exposure of her experience, she sent it on for my blog.

The genus of maple tree comes from the family Sapindaceae, with one hundred and twenty-eight species; while the cypress tree, from the family, Cupressus, with multiple species. Although an ardent lover of trees, I’ve never studied them. Still, the odds of two differing species sharing the sap of life, constitutes strange beauty that tingles the senses.

If you look even more closely, this photo also evidences Creator God’s handiwork, of which we are a minuscule part; it speaks more trenchantly than words, sourced from mystics that wobble in articulating the Unknowable, from whence comes LIFE—however we understand it.

Mystery surrounds us. It’s always been that way, apart from fleeting glimpses of the ordinary/extraordinary, cherished by my dear friend and shared with us. Such enrichment quickens our faith and trust as we continue trekking the next dark wood for more lessons.

And there will be more glimpses…