At 10:30 P.M., 3:20 A.M, and 6:15 A.M., I awoke to this recurring dream:

Alone, I walk toward an interesting shop in a small town in Switzerland. Displayed in the window is a hand-made rug that catches my attention: blue, it looks like. I must have a closer look. I go inside the shop.

Evidently, my Dreamer wants my involvement. My nightly medication usually keeps me asleep, with no recall of dreams.

In my present circumstances, I am Alone most of the time following the departure of my caregivers in the early afternoon. I continue waiting out my time in solitude and in writing and in prayer, “Mercy!”

The interesting shop suggests merchandise that appeals to my selective tastes—as if someone was directing my feet to this venue. In life, significant purchases have happened this way, even the home in which I live.

My immediate association with Switzerland was my 1988 stay in Zurich and the classes at the C. G. Jung Institute. There, I was immersed in Depth Psychology that supported critical work with chaotic dreams streaming from my unconscious; it revealed deep truth about my dishonesty and had to be dealt with. Now, I sense my Dreamer wants even deeper involvement as my end-time winds down.

And the hand-made rug in the shop window: I must have it. As I mull over this image, what surfaces is a prayer rug used in worship; used also by nomads and herders accustomed to desert living. I seem to be in good company: I’m going nowhere but experience constant motion—the still-point of prayer as I wait.