At 7:45 A.M., the aroma of quinoa for my breakfast roused me with this curious dream/experience:

A Princess lived alone in a splendid castle built centuries ago overlooking a verdant valley filled with songbirds and sunshine. No family, no courtiers, no servants—Yet she never wanted for anything, nor was she lonely. All her needs were met.

Evidently, I did not want to begin another day of weakness and shortness of breath and would have preferred the splendid castle, my psychic container, its multifaceted harmony nurturing the core of my being. I was very well. Yet, anger snapped its initial take on the message of the dream: my self-centeredness and preference for my own company militating against forming significant relationships. This negativity followed me until I could explore further its source.

From earliest memory, such internal judgments, sourced in half-truths, have kicked my knees from under me, rendering me unable to function. Although more mindful when under siege, I still believe the lies spewing from my unconscious. The hook, this time, was the penchant for self-centeredness. Everyone deals with this.

Another look at the dream, however, showed good order in my psyche. As soon as I sat down at my word processor, the image of the Princess restored balance:Herjoytinkled me, her lacy gown soothed my body—free from all illness. But it was her freshness that most attracted me—like sunset’s soft pastel peachiness. Songbirds, symbols of the messengers of the gods, surrounded her, as also sweet breezes, a constant source of refreshment.

Yet dwelling in such a place is not my lot today, but it will come, as it will to everyone who wants it.