The sound of a grating motor from our court drew me toward the front window. A swarthy site worker, wearing a white hard hat and a yellow vest with orange stripes, was guiding the long nozzle of the sewer cleaning truck into a twelve-inch hole near the curb of our street. There was a problem, a big one.

Years of runaway waters from torrential rains had left the walls of the storm sewers mashed with residual debris, and in need of replacement. No longer was there space for additional waters to flow. With St. Louis based Fred M. Luth Contractors awarded the contract, no longer will flooding basements and standing water irk the residents—Start-up, to begin next month.

This image gave me considerable pause. Erratic weather patterns, worldwide, speak of trickster gimps riding roughshod over our land, leaving the unsettled, grossly unsettled, with more government expenditures from the already empty pot.

Aside from the noise and inconvenience of our court’s storm sewer replacement, Luth’s response will, at best, be temporary, given the continued weather aberrations over which there seems little control.

Nevertheless, the replacement of the storm sewer will go ahead, and vagabond waters will no longer destroy property, at least for now. That’s a plus!