It’s over—save for cleaning the streets thronged by last night’s revelers, aglow with their Party’s victory: fireworks, gongs, cowbells, whistles, bullhorns, drums, cheering, clapping, dancing, placards, signs, and so much more.

But is it over, depending on what it means?

In my perception, it is not. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties, despite the correctness of the election process, have taken unto themselves power that is not theirs to take—having edged out the living God from their proceedings. No surprise that the Hill’s merry-go-round will continue cranking out the same old issues, with accustomed rancor and couched in still more abstruse language. Word-Monopoly has its own winners.

This failure in leadership decries the modicum of trust our Founding Fathers had in the living God.  

So how recoup true leadership in our country, given its yawning divides, given its moneyed-puppeteers, behind the scenes, pulling the strings, given the pandemic weakening planet Earth? How face encroaching darkness bent upon wholesale destruction?

Certainly no response comes to mind save that offered by Jesus of Nazareth to the anawim, simple people eking out their lives in first-century Palestine, then occupied by the Romans. Yet, such hardships scoured their sensitivities, and opened their hearts to a new paradigm: the arduous work of Kingdom living—even within the proximity of materialism, secularism, and hedonism.

Indeed, the hearts of the anawim were grafted upon the Heart of God, the source of true leadership and humble service to others—Thus its phenomenal growth in the ancient world. We can grow similarly through meditating upon Matthew’s Kingdom text, chapters one, two and three, or working the Twelve Steps: their dynamic is the same.

But conversion of heart requires full consciousness. Given the prevalence of sloth, who on Capitol Hill are willing undergo a change of heart, to modify their manner of leadership? It’s hard work.