At 3 A.M., I awoke with this dream:

Two distinctive women’s hats, identical in design, fabric, and color, draw everyone’s attention and comment during a social engagement.

 So it’s about hats and their purpose. Dr. C. G. Jung, founder of Analytical Psychology, described the symbolic value of hats as covering heads, the locus of our spiritual faculties: thinking, willing, remembering, and imagining; their development is key to our individuation. That there are two hats in the dream suggests a dyad: two things or persons in an intimate relationship, with a high level of agreement between them.

Who wears the two distinctive women’s hats in the dream is not clear—perhaps my sister Martha, visiting this week and myself, recipients of the Moloney heritage, yet unique in its unfolding. The hats, though identical in design, fabric, and color also exude differing energies.

This dream also follows yesterday’s infusion of spirited-women-energy in my beleaguered psyche, during stories shared by my sister Martha, sister-in-law Susie, and Dana the hospice nurse: a quaternity of wholeness according to Jung. From this mélange surfaced helpful information: my ILD with RA is a rare terminal disease, one that also shortened the life of Dana’s ninety-six year-old father. Liquid morphine under the tongue will keep open my lung sacs for critical breathing, and a final swish will take me out of here. I will not suffocate.

Such a memorable afternoon relishing the Sacred Feminine in our midst: laughter krinkled the edges of the hilarious and put even the dour in perspective. I am grateful and will continue participating in each twenty-four hours allotted me.