What happened to the summer? How did August 24th happen? Last March’s alarm over the Covid-19 pandemic has petered down to anecdotal reports. And it feels like last November’s hospice sign-up occurred two weeks ago. Like trick mirrors at a carnival, Planet Earth’s vertigo fuels caricatures of reality. How not to be duped, maintain balance, and not topple over?

Is anyone paying attention?

This is a bit of a stretch but could we be enclosed in a Time Machine, its throttles set at full tilt toward the future? Who or what sits at the controls? For what reason? Within the depths of emerging technologies lies darkness, too opaque to penetrate and only surface when convenient for the agenda of the global puppeteers.

Indeed, such sleight-of-hand appears to be the new normal and few are aware of the paradigm shift disabling our senses, watering down our values, and scarping our dreams. Like frogs slow boiling over low heat, we will eventually lose our life if measures to stay conscious are not rigorously taken.

“But that requires effort—takes me away from my nightly Netflix,” you might hear. “I much prefer hanging out with buddies of like mind. That’s all the support I need. Do leave me alone.”

Such attitudes cry in the face of Spirit’s passion to companion us in truth. And only within truth’s ambiance do we discover ultimate meaning for getting out of bed each morning to face each day’s challenges.

This is especially the case in waiting, with my eyes wide open, for the next insight to explore, then blog. Eternal life can’t be that far away, but maybe it is.