Totally relaxed, I awoke with this dream:

After a long time I complete an arduous task. Others have helped me. The sky is jubilant with light.

 I turn over onto my back, blinking hard at the ceiling. Such joy baffles me. The first morning of creation must have felt like this: fresh, colorful, whole, energized. I am loath to clamber into another day of living with terminal illness, preferring, instead, to luxuriate beneath my flannel sheets and comforter. Yet, I must and I do.

The dream suggests one of profound affirmation. Its task took everything in me to complete and would not have happened without others’ willingness to lend a hand. I sense that my daily practice of CPA plays into this task, given the support that I receive in this spiritual fellowship from others thriving with chronic pain and illness.

But more to the point—yesterday’s completion of the moral inventory with my sponsor—Step V—has left me light as a feather.

Indeed, I am a new creation.