I smiled recording this dream in the pre-dawn hour:

I’m pleasantly surprised by the recently completed renovations on the lower floor of a century-old house. Crews had knocked down several walls and created a spacious open area for multi-purpose living. Only cleanup of carpenter dust, decoration, and furnishing remained before a family could move in.

In the dream the lower floor suggests a deep place in my psyche that teems with life; it precludes consciousness, bolsters willingness to receive inner guidance, receives new roots, and grows. Only therein can be found ultimate truth.

The renovations support my clearing out the non-essential in my present life and paradoxically filling me with fresh options for being and becoming. The crews bespeak the multiple helpers, in sync with my hospice path, who keep me focused. Of necessity, walls of prejudice and shortsightedness had to be demolished. Much has already been accomplished, and only sprucing up remains, or so it seems.

Such clearing is God’s work; its intent flames my psyche to what is and what is to come, both here and hereafter.