From my backyard came the dull whir of a machine.

It was the crew from Droege Tree Care sculpting a hole in the ground to accommodate the root system for the ‘Edith Bogue’ southern magnolia tree I had ordered. No longer would there be that empty space left by last year’s removal of the overgrow cypress shrubs. It was mid-morning.

Strong of body and spirit, the workers lugged the burlap bulb over the grass and slowly lowered it into the hole, then stood back. Long minutes passed as they circled the tree, scrutinizing the best angle for its planting. The decision made, they knelt and removed the burlap wrappings, worked the soil from the roots, fed them, then scooped shovels of more soil into the cavity. Mulch and watering completed the transplant of this seven-year-old tree, grown from a sapling at the Pea Ridge Nursery in Hermann, Missouri.

All of this left me with deep thoughts—to nurture the tree with welcome, to acknowledge its spirit with gladness, and to water its roots until established. Known to be a fast-growing tree, its glossy leaves and fragrant ivory-cupped blossoms will give delight to all who pass.

On a deeper level the southern magnolia tree resonances the on-going touch of the Creator at work in our world: beauty, color, luster, symmetry, and vibrancy. This display, so ordinary we often miss it, also mirrors the creative depths in our psyches.

Who can wrap words around our Creator’s unconditional love?