It was dusk: cloud stacks slowly encroached upon fluid fields of peach and aquamarine washes, resembling the insides of summer’s richness. Stillness wafted upon southern breezes that felt like a newborn’s breath.

I stopped walking.

Ahead, the serpentine path slithered alongside undulating hillocks shimmering with emerald-grasses. Occasional peeps heightened the drama of the fading light.

Within a stand of rough-barked honey locust trees, glowing flashes darted here, there; then, behind me. Suddenly, other summers from childhood engulfed me. Alone, away from whooping kids playing kick-the-can on our street, I held the mayonnaise jar in perspiring hands and trained my eyes for the next blip of light. I would catch one of them. Within this pursuit a shimmering darkness assuaged my loneliness. I could breathe.

Such inexplicable events occur in the in-between-times of our lives, satiate our senses, nurture our spirits, and bond us in communion. Indeed, all is well!