In mid-life some people become disillusioned in their hard-won achievements. Nothing seems to work and distractions only worsen the malaise. That was the experience of Edwin Steinmann, husband, father, prosecuting attorney, and author of Grace in a Wintry Season (2015).

In 1984, however, Steinmann happened upon a copy of John Sanford’s Healing and Wholeness. Its quick read exposed him to the depth psychology of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung, postulated upon the Sacred Center within everyone, intent upon restoring wholeness through dreams that surface from the unconscious. Because this critical study undermined everything Steinmann had ever learned, he shelved it.

But his psyche had already been engaged. A reluctant recorder of his first dream, “But now my eye sees you,” he continued mining other dreams and relishing their challenges that eventually effected union with the Sacred Feminine in his psyche, no small feat! Through heart-obedience, he learned to discard all outworn ideas and uncovered his unique life path into the heart of the Eternal. His retirement years compelled him to produce this slim paperback, Grace in a Wintry Season; it is filled with fourteen significant dreams, between 1984 and 2002, culled from his notebooks, that traces his conversion of life.

Grace in a Wintry Season is available on Amazon.