Cultivating stillness opens us to hushed realms that envelop our senses within fresh vistas: colors scintillate, textures surprise, harmonies thrill, sweetness soothes, and aromas vibrate. Our spirits quicken and we are exceedingly glad.

Once there, we discover, anew, the wordless swirl of Creator-Love that enlivens our next breath, that resonates within each cell in our bodies, and that swells us with bliss–perhaps similar to Adam and Eve’s experience in the Genesis story.

The challenge lies in the cultivation of this stillness. Within us lie discordant voices that seduce, that insinuate, that cajole, that clamor–activated by subtle or monstrous fears within our psyches or the world around us. The illusion of being trapped overwhelms and disembowels our spirits. We feel helpless.

But there is a way out. Recourse to wise teachers tears apart that madness, and once again, we’re invited to embrace the practice of stillness, whether experienced in prayer or a simple walk outdoors.




We are reminded in 1 Kings, 19: 11-13 – “Be still and know that I am God.” Within such stillness, we’re born again, until the next upheaval and the next recourse to Creator-God.