“How dare you get ahead of me! I’m next! I’ve got the number to prove it!”

“I don’t like that kind of bread. Don’t you have any like the stores sell? Sliced?”

“Give me that bag! I saw it first!”


Voices overheard at Grace United Methodist Church’s food pantry, Tuesday morning. For the second time since

being open, their shelves were emptied, and the volunteers had to close early.


“This year, I’d like the Heritage turkey and cranberry relish, and some of your yummy mashed potatoes. Enough for fifteen.”

“I didn’t know you did all the cooking! A great relief! Give me the works!”

“Will you recommend a choice wine to go with the dinner I ordered?”


Voices overheard at Whole Foods Market, Tuesday morning. The clerk smiled taking the orders. 


Two vignettes of hunger: one from desperation; the other from affluence. Yet such hungers reflect deeper ones, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, gnawing at our innards, whether anguishing over food stamp cuts or marveling over Wall Street’s 16,094.83 on the Dow or stewing on any situation in between.


There is an indisputable Source of replenishment. We have only to ask, on our knees.


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and all you hold dear in your heart.