Who is messing around with the rough edges of my life?

Whose sinewy hands fondle my brokenness?

Who forces me to feel my shards and claim them?

Whose fingers pull and knead, pull and knead?


More pinches, slaps, punches startle me.

Take me where I never dreamt sojourn.

Patting smoothes my new shape.

A wet towel cools me.


Then this explosion!

Like infants, giggling at Hanukah lights.


What am I becoming?


More pulling and kneading.

Will this never end?

Yet this touch coaxes surrender.

A song releases mine, long hidden beneath barrels of stale flour.


Change continues.

My pregnant shape swallows my fears.

More waiting follows.


Suddenly, my belly is cleaved and braided together.

Brushed with egg yoke, I wink at the sun.

The brick oven’s fire evokes more transformation.

It’s happened–the aromatic new creation.


Above me a shawled woman blesses candles,

chants psalms to the Challah I have become,

offers me to be torn apart and consumed by her loved ones.

Within new brokenness, I am whole.