Barefoot toddler paws the air with each step.

Kindergartner’s muddy fingers strain for father’s hug.

Sleek-bodied teen lunges at the soaring Frisbee.

Platform diver pumps the air for speed and momentum.

Ponytailed gymnast leaps at parallel bars to launch her program.

Newly engaged yearn for shared life.

Parents hold out newborn to keyed-up siblings.

Heavy-booted metalworker strains for the overhead beam.

A ballerina, on pointes, seizes her partner’s fingers for balance.

Vested priest stretches up-turned palms toward the universe.

Wheelchair-bound Senior craves for caregiver and sleep.

Newly diagnosed cancer patient reaches for spouse’s arms.

Aging grandfather expands spirit-wings for eternal home.


Indeed, there is something just beyond our fingertips challenging us to deeper trust.