Blinking lights etch roofs, doorways against the night sky.

Rudolfs guide Santa-sleighs over parched lawns.

Elves chatter nonsense.

Choirboys’ mouths stretch into wordless hymns.

Shoppers forage into cavernous malls decorated like ice castles.

Purple, pink, gold, globes smother evergreens made in China.

Pre-Christmas sales spiral like gyrating tops.

Jingle Bells accelerates the madness.

Catered parties draw chatterers like fleas.

Rummed eggnog, champagne, fruity wines lace vapid talk.

Svelte clothing camouflages dark hearts.

Power plays disintegrate into gibberish.

Blood-soaked mayhem fuels media madness.

Darkness hurts.

No room for the Star Creator but He came anyway.