Sun pierces racing clouds, casting phantoms on the seascape.

Brace Rock, resembling a dusky pachyderm, snoozes in the morning heat, its humps whitened by decades of excrement.

Upon them strut crowds of gulls, honking into the fly-space above them.

Others pump their wings

catch columns of wind

glide in somersaults and pinwheels.


Like cobra helicopters, twin ravens pan the boulder-strewn shore.

Surf-bubbles frolic among sandpipers and skitter around brackish seaweed teeming with mosquitoes.

Nearby, splashy quilts of wild grasses and sumac enliven bronzed rocks.

A solitary honey bee suns upon the breast of a goldenrod spear.

A rare Monarch butterfly collapses its circus wings and alights on the tip of purple loose strife.


A cobalt sky smiles upon this riotous foreplay.

Time hangs suspended upon boney and gossamer wings.

Within this jeweled kaleidoscope, an unseen power reveals her Soul.