Another story of destruction …  Last week’s monster Waldo Canyon fire gorged over 16,750 acres outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado, destroyed 346 homes, left one person dead, and displaced 30,000 people from their homes – more grim statistics for a drought-plagued country. Aerial views of ashy rubble, scarecrow pines, charred earth gave one pause.

Valiant firefighters, once again, are still curtailing the deadly effects of the blaze, but in my perception, there is another fire, galloping like a cancer throughout the global community. Here, it is not a matter of burnt lawns or crisped flowers or withered crops in the fields or dried-up riverbeds or wells. Nor is it of water rationing, cooling shelters, or dehydration.

It goes much deeper than that – instinctual wildfires deadening spirits. It’s everywhere: sporting events, heavy metal concerts, champagne-benefits, executive retreats, summit talks, human trafficking, torture dens, battlefield mayhem, dark laboratories manipulating human life, the information systems, spectacular entertainment, even church socials. Interesting that the global media daily saturates us with wars, murders, car-jackings, money laundering, explosions or threats of explosions, followed by urgent investigations to name the guilty.

Yet no one cares to report on the spiritual conflagration within parched hearts, driven by the fury of overheated societal norms. Everywhere, there is music pumping madness into this crazed world. Extremes are the norm. No matter that pride, anger, greed, lust, sloth, envy, and gluttony masquerade in grotesque caricatures of the well-healed, glossed over in the latest slicks. Indeed, no need for restraints of any kind, with the exception of surveillance cameras and dossiers for our private information.

How can we insulate ourselves from this fiery contagion? How guard our sacred space from devouring entities that want us dead before our time? How become a watered-garden for others to enjoy? And paradoxically, how tend to our inner sparks, firing us into fresh vistas, into worlds of color/harmony, in union with our Creator? Again, it comes to keeping informed and silence …

And the U. S. Forest Service and the F.B.I. are still investigating the cause of the Waldo Canyon fire.